What is NVC

NVC is Nonviolent Communication
where violence is defined as
anything that decreases

The emblem animal for NVC is the Giraffe.
Marshal Rosenberg, the founder of NVC, chose the giraffe because it has the largest heart of any land animal. It also has a long neck, so it can see the big perspective.

The three pillars of NVC are:
Self Connection, Empathy and Self Expression.

One of the ways to cultivate listening deeply to yourself and listening to the needs and feelings of those around you,
is to get curious.

Would you like to learn more? Please come to a drop in class.
Thursday nights 7:00-9:00pm Zoom. Sliding scale $15-25. Unless you need to pay less because of COVID. No problem.
The Zoom link is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/74759018950?pwd=Z3JpcjZBZjdBZXRYU1V3eGtacVRCZz09
No prior experience necessary.
For more info on Thursday drop in classes click here.

“Mirabai is a wonderful teacher. My partner and I often speak of how many things we learned from her. Her way of relating to other people in an encouraging way, a positive way. It really taught us a lot just being around her.” – Kelly

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