Drop-in classes

Learn skills to melt through the barriers in your life.

Drop-in NVC classes with Mirabai.
Thursdays 7:00-9:00pm Pacific Standard Time.

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Meeting ID: 747 5901 8950

Could some of the communication in your life flow better?

Mirabai’s drop-in NVC class is called ‘Practicing Street Giraffe’.
Giraffe is the chosen animal for NVC because they have one of the largest heart.
Learn how to speak ‘Street Giraffe’, the language of the heart.

Sliding scale $15-25. Unless you need to pay less because of COVID. No problem.
Venmo: @Mirabai-Commer  The last 4 digits of my phone number are 7478
Paypal: morticia.atoms@gmail.com
If you can’t contribute at this time, please come anyway!
Hope to see you Thursday!

The format of the class:

  • Learn an NVC skill: How do I connect with myself so that I really know what’s going on? How do I listen deeply? How do I express myself so that I’m really heard and understood.
  • Group Discussion: We answer any questions that come up and hear each other’s ideas.
  • Breakout rooms: We practice an exercise in pairs.
  • Come back to the bigger group and debrief: People talk about insights they had or wisdom that they heard from their partner. If anyone gets stuck, Mirabai guides the group to go through it together and find a giraffe perspective. 

“I love the discussions with Mirabai’s group. They’re just great people.” – Participant in Mirabai’s group class

“My partner and I have connected so much more deeply as a result of Mirabai’s class. We’re learning to communicate and show up for each other differently.” – Participant in Mirabai’s group class

“Joining the practice group is the best thing I have done this year, especially at the start of Covid, when having a sense of community kept you sane. Every practice, Mirabai models NVC methods in a way that results in true deep connection. The Thursday practice groups are well prepared so that we have a structure for learning a specific method and includes informative handouts. I love going to her classes!” – Participant in Mirabai’s group class

“What a great service. I really enjoy this group.” – Street Giraffe Participant

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