Coaching Sessions

~ Individuals ~

~ Couples ~

~ Groups ~

Pricing for individuals or couples:
Call for your free 15 minute consultation.

$75 an hour for individual sessions.

Or 20% discount for a 4 session package,
$60 an hour for 4 coaching sessions.

Email to set up an appointment or call or text me with any questions at (510) 394-7478.

Please contact me for pricing group coaching.

“I am an NVC newbie and had the great fortune of meeting Mirabai. I told her about my struggles with communicating with my parents, who recently moved into my home. My struggles were compounded by the triggering of childhood wounds. Talking about them with a stranger was awkward, but Mirabai gave me empathy and a space to feel heard. It felt very soothing to be able to express my thoughts without having to justify them. I have been drawn to the power of NVC ever since. I have called upon Mirabai’s NVC skills many times. It’s been a huge blessing to have her as a coach!” – Coaching client

“My husband and I had huge financial issues at the start of the pandemic. We had previously lost our jobs because of a communication impasse with our prior employer. We are musicians and were planning on touring doing music therapy at nursing homes. We had the whole tour planned out and then COVID hit. Every gig cancelled. Mirabai’s coaching sessions not only helped us feel heard and supported, she taught us how to listen. When we learned this skill, it profoundly impacted our ability to communicate with our previous boss. We were then able to talk things out with him and get our jobs back.”
– Coaching clients

“I love the discussions with Mirabai’s group. They’re just great people.” – Participant in Mirabai’s group class

“My partner and I have connected so much more deeply as a result of Mirabai’s class. We’re learning to communicate and show up for each other differently.” – Participant in Mirabai’s group class

“Joining the practice group is the best thing I have done this year, especially at the start of Covid, when having a sense of community kept you sane. Every practice, Mirabai models NVC methods in a way that results in true deep connection. The Thursday practice groups are well prepared so that we have a structure for learning a specific method and includes informative handouts. I love going to her classes!” – Participant in Mirabai’s group class

“What a great service. I really enjoy this group.” – Participant in Mirabai’s group class

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