About Mirabai

My husband Micha and I encountered NVC when we were having a circular argument. We were dating at the time. It was one of those arguments that was sucking the life energy out of both of us and going nowhere. I was on tour in Hawaii, teaching tango. Micha was with me.

A tango student approached me and introduced herself as Isa. She said that she was an NVC coach. She asked me if I would be interested in doing an exchange; a private tango lesson for an NVC coaching session. I said yes! Absolutely.

In just one session she completely transformed our lives. Instead of breaking up we got married.

Isa showed us how to listen. She modeled what it was like to listen deeply, without defensiveness. Once we truly heard each other’s pain, we instantly wanted to change. After that, it was simple to find a solution. The answers just seemed to fall out of the air.

We will forever be thankful to Isa for introducing us to the power and the freedom of NVC. Her website is here.

I’ve been studying NVC intensively with Newt Bailey for the past 3 years. He brought the concepts into sharp focus.
He’s a wonderful teacher. His website offerings are here.

NVC has transformed not only my personal life but my professional life as well.
I used it to keep my job and my integrity at the same time.
NVC entered into conversations with all 3 tango partners I had the pleasure of dancing with in Buenos Aires.

Ever feel tongue tied? Like things don’t come out the way you’d like?

I offer private coaching sessions! More info here.
No prior experience necessary.
Please email me at Mirabai@heart-listening.com if you have any questions.
You’re also welcome to call or text me at (510) 304-7478.

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