NVC – NonViolent Communication with Mirabai

Speak from your heart, but first listen deeply.

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  • 3 Tips To Improve Your Marriage/Relationship
  • 3 Tips To Help You Be Empowered At Work
  • 4 Tips To Help You Get Into A Good Relationship

Our Journey Begins

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “How do I handle this situation?!”
Do you feel stuck in a conflict that keeps coming back to haunt you?
Mirabai can help you develop the communication skills you’ve been waiting for.
Whether you’re single or in a partnership, learning to communicate better helps. Even if your partner doesn’t want to study NVC, you will have more skills at your disposal.
“NVC requires us to be continually conscious of the beauty within ourselves and other people.” – Marshall Rosenberg founder of NonViolent Communication

Communicating well is a skill. It is both essential and liberating.
How do I learn?
Monday night drop in class with Newt Bailey 7:00-9:00pm Join Newt’s Zoom Class
Thursday night drop in class with Mirabai 7:00-9:00pm Join Mirabai’s Zoom Class
Private coaching sessions. Text Mirabai @ 510-394-7478 to schedule.

Self Connection

Listening deeply to yourself


Listening deeply to another

Self Expression

Speaking courageously

“You have the gift, Mirabai. You are a carrier of the medicine. It seems totally natural and I believe a great benefit to the world that you share NVC in your own unique way.” -Isa